Igdlo Accommodation in Greenland and Iceland

    Igdlo Travel specializes in trips to Iceland and Greenland.
    We can organize your whole trip from flights, car rental, accommodation to group bookings with guides.
Igdlo Accommodation in Greenland and Iceland

Visit Greenland

Why visit Greenland?

    1. Greenland is the world’s largest island.
    2. Greenland isn’t cold and dark the whole year round.
    3. Green meadows full of summer wild flowers.
    4. Long fjords hot springs and Viking era ruins.
    5.The Greenlandic culture resembles the greatness of the island itself.
Visit Greenland

Visit Iceland

Why visit Iceland?

    1. Scenic, other-worldly beauty, everywhere you turn.
    2, Northern Lights (winter time) it simply doesn't get dark in the summer.
    3. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa.
    4. Reykjavik's friendly and energetic culture.
    4. Endless outdoor activities in Iceland beautiful nature.
Visit Iceland